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Fabrication de guitare sur mesure 

Acoustic guitar can be a tricky instrument to record well, but since I got my David Antony Reid guitar - problem solved! It just seems to sit perfectly in the mix, without any of the lumpy, boomy tone I get with so many of the 'big name' acoustics. Martins, Gibsons, Guilds, I've had them all in my studio and this Reid guitar beats them all, hands down!


The Gent: Specifications

Price range

No longer available.

Scale Length

630mm (24.803”)

Width of neck at nut

44mm, 45mm 46mm 48mm

At 14th Fret

54mm, 55mm 56mm 58mm

Depth of Neck

At 1st Fret

20mm, 21mm or 22mm

At 9th Fret

22mm, 23mm or 24mm

Fingerboard radius

12” or 16”


At 12th Fret treble

1.4mm, 1.6mm or 1.8mm

At 12th Fret bass

2.2mm, 2.4mm or 2.6mm. Higher action is best for the more strident player!




Back & sides

Solid: Birdseye maple / Flamed sycamore / Indian rosewood / African blackwood. Also three of four piece including walnut, cherry, pear and apple.


Solid: Sitka spruce / European white spruce / Englemann spruce Red Cedar / curly redwood / Adirondack spruce


Brazilian mahogany / Figured maple/ 3 piece Cuban mahogany.

Finger board & Bridge

Indian rosewood / Indian ebony / Macassar ebony / African blackwood


Hiscox/ Custom Calton/ custom carbon fibre Hoffee

Machine heads

Schaller/ Gohto / Waverly or Custom, Handmade Robson

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